What is a Spider aerial work platform? 

aerial work platform Spider

The Spider aerial work platform is a self-propelled machine that is operated by radio, i.e. wirelessly. It has been designed to fit easily into rooms such as sports halls, churches, warehouse halls and the like. This makes it easier to work at heights in confined spaces and not have to find ways to get inside. Thanks to the special stabilisers, reminiscent of a spider's legs, the machine has additional protection against harsh working conditions. Even in rainy weather, there will be no problem keeping it properly stationary, thanks to the aforementioned safety and stabilising elements of the machine. An additional advantage of this type of lift is its white tracks. The specially adapted colour eliminates the unpleasant dark marks associated with the use of the device. 

Construction of the 33.15 series Spider boom lift

The 33.15 series Spider aerial work platform has a total working height of 32.40 metres (measured with the basket, without it it is 30.40 metres). The maximum outreach, on the other hand, is 15.60 metres. Thanks to the smooth movement of the boom, it gives the user a feeling of stability, as well as due safety from the machine. It is easy to operate and allows the boom and basket to be positioned in such a way as to optimise the distance from the component to be worked at height. An interesting feature is the ability to work at 6 metres below ground level useful when working at lower ceilings. Workers, of whom there can be a maximum of two in the basket, have easy access to the work area below a certain level. They do not have to worry about how to get down. All they need to do is adjust the boom arm with the basket accordingly. This one is very easy to remove. 

machine operator in safety helmet

The total rotation of the head with the lift is 400°. The strength of the basket is adjusted to a lifting capacity of 230 kilograms, and the length of the double telescopic jack including the basket element is 17 metres. At this point, it should be emphasised that this is the total measure of the lift. In rest mode, folded it measures almost 2 metres. 

The spider-type aerial work platform has two Kubota D902 diesel engines, as well as a 380 V AC electric motor, which means it can operate at will, either on one or the other. It does not reach dizzying speeds, but 2.00 km/h are sufficient for all sorts of work involving it. The wireless remote control allows you to remotely determine the speed and its mode thanks to special slow mode/fast mode settings. It is worth noting that it also has a specialised auto recovery button. In the event of problems, malfunctions with the machine, it is easy to reset the machine and recover lost settings. That is why stabilisation and self-diagnosis are included in this function. The developers of such a solution always add an additional cable so that it is easier to monitor or repair the system in the event of other problems arising from use or typical system errors, should they occur. In addition, it is possible to hydraulically extend the size of the tracks if required. 

What are the advantages of the Spider aerial lift?

  • Remote diagnostics offers a wide range of possibilities, as well as real-time benefits. In this way, the user of the device can make decisions at a glance with all the information provided in real time. 
  • The installed GPS helps to locate the device without any problems. 
  • The entire unit weighs just 6,500 kg and, thanks to its compact size, will fit through narrow doorways and is easily transported on the trailer of a specially adapted vehicle. 
  • The Spider lift can be used for work both outside and inside some buildings, so it's the kind of device you can use to make your job easier. 

Is it worth buying a Spider aerial lift? 

Spider aerial work platform on a construction site

Looking at the specifications above, it is well worth considering the purchase or rental of such a lift if construction or repair work requires it. The spider boom lift has a number of advantages, such as being compact and having a double motor, which makes it easier to use. Transporting it is also no problem. However, it is worth checking beforehand exactly which model of Spider boom lift you need. After all, they can vary considerably. From size to boom length. 

So, if you have managed to choose the right one, there is nothing left to do but go to the work site and get started. 

Questions and answers

What is a Spider aerial work platform?

The Spider aerial work platform is a self-propelled machine, operated and steered by radio, i.e. wirelessly.

Which basket boom is best for indoor and outdoor work if you want a compact unit?

Spider-type aerial work platforms are best for this type of work. However, other solutions can be used.

Is remote control of the aerial boom a big help during construction work and beyond?

The Spider aerial boom lift definitely makes work easier when carrying out the essential tasks for which it was designed. Where man cannot, the boom will send.

Are aerial work platforms a safe solution?

Yes. The baskets have been designed to ensure that its users are safe and properly protected when working at height.