TDT qualificationTechnical inspection is a set of activities specified in the provisions of the Act on technical inspection, which are intended to ensure the safe operation and functioning of technical devices and devices for the recovery of fuel vapors. It is also a control of the technical condition of devices and the work of service personnel. Technical devices that pose a threat to life and health must be subject to technical inspection. It is carried out by technical inspection units such as: the Office of Technical Inspection; Transport Technical Inspection and Military Technical Inspection. The main goal of technical inspection of devices is to prevent their downtime caused by accidental breakdowns or premature wear, as well as to ensure safety in operation. Transport Technical Supervision (TDT for short) is a technical inspection body established pursuant to the Act of December 21, 2000. on technical supervision, as a state legal entity that reports to the relevant minister of transport. It is a combination of the Maritime Technical Inspection and the Railway Technical Inspection.

What activities does TDT perform?

Pursuant to Art. 44. 1. Announcements of the Marshal of the Republic of Poland of March 15, 2019. on the announcement of the uniform text of the act on technical inspection, the tasks of the Transport Technical Inspection include, first of all, technical supervision over devices located in the railway area, on sidings, railway rail vehicles; tanks - cisterns used in road, rail and shipping; technical equipment located in the technological lines of port reloading bases or which constitute equipment of other stations intended for reloading works and activities related to the handling of maritime navigation; devices for the recovery of fuel vapors in sidings and railway areas, in ports and marinas; I take ski lifts, goods and passenger cable cars; devices that are located in docks, on sea-going ships, pontoons, in ports and marinas, and which are related to sea and inland navigation. TDT also issues a certificate that allows the vehicle to transport dangerous goods, and also conducts examinations for candidate advisors. He is also responsible for vehicle approvals, as well as checks whether vehicle inspection stations comply with the requirements of the secondary legislation in terms of equipment and local conditions. TDT conducts exams for people who want to obtain qualifications.

technical inspection carried out

TDT authorisations

TDT authorisations are issued to domestic and foreign plants. Only entities that have such authorizations may manufacture, repair and modernize technical devices as well as materials and components used for these purposes. They are issued in the form of an administrative decision when the applicant meets the requirements set out in Art. 9 sec. 2 of the act on technical inspection, such as:

  • Introduced the appropriate technology for manufacturing, repair or modernization;
  • Hires employees with the required qualifications, listed in separate regulations;
  • Is able to carry out destructive and non-destructive tests of manufactured, repaired or improved devices and materials in its laboratory or laboratory that has been approved by the competent technical inspection body;
  • Uses devices that provide production, repair or modernization;
  • Has an organized quality control.