freight crane during warehouse operation

Specifics of cranes

All kinds of cranes and goods platforms are becoming increasingly popular in Poland, due to their potential for vertical, horizontal transport in a warehouse or property, both private and commercial. Freight cranes have the potential in transporting heavy materials to the upper floors of buildings, but also across the entire area. The safety of workers is also important during such work, and such machines provide this. 

With ever-faster technological developments and the ever-increasing wave of online shopping, lifts and lifts, both passenger and freight, are essential tools for any warehouse. More recently, simpler and safer goods platforms have been appearing on the market, which can be installed quickly and easily. How can it make work more efficient?  

Warehouse freight lift 

Because of the desire to make life easier, people have become so fond of online shopping that some warehouses even have several times the demand for goods than they did just a few years earlier. 
All this has meant that the need for specialised machinery in warehouses to facilitate the work has increased significantly. The constant transport of ordered goods, whether by lining them up on shelves or packing them for dispatch, is based on the use of lifts and goods platforms, which make it possible to transport a large quantity and weight at once. In addition, manufacturers have introduced the possibility of buying such a machine to size, which makes the job even easier. 

Hotels, restaurants, garages and many other places where we have to move loads are extremely fond of cranes and small goods lifts. Such machines not only make it easier to transport large quantities of heavy goods, but they are also a safe and robust solution for transporting them. 

Vertical load carrying 

goods platform at rest

When transporting heavy goods is an important part of your business and you need to store stock or pack deliveries, for example, it is important to support your employees by providing them with the right and safe equipment. A freight crane is a stable platform onto which heavier loads can be loaded and moved safely to a designated location. However, it is important to remember that not everything can always be moved with a forklift, as this can be dangerous, in which case a crane will work better. This crane can handle really heavy loads and at the same time improve warehouse operations. 

Advantages of lifting machines

There are many areas in freight warehouses where the right machines make work easier, such as packing areas and loading ramps. Freight platforms can be used both inside and outside the building, but it is important to remember that everything must be done in accordance with the guidelines of the Technical Inspection Authority. With this type of crane, you save your time and the resources of your employees, who can take care of something else while one person is operating the machine. 

Questions and answers

What are the cranes used for?

A freight crane is a stable platform onto which a heavier load can be loaded and moved safely to a designated location.

What is the use of freight platforms?

They allow goods to be moved easily and safely from place to place or stacked on racks in a warehouse. In addition, they are very helpful in real estate work when heavy materials need to be transported between floors.

Where are goods lifts useful?

Anywhere where large storage spaces are used, i.e. in: hotels, restaurants, as well as in free-standing warehouses.