Every employee is obliged to undergo periodic training. This also applies to employees in the occupational health and safety service. They should take place during working hours and at the employer's expense. Their purpose is to update and consolidate the knowledge and skills already acquired in the field of OSH and to familiarise participants with new OSH developments. The need for H&S training stems not only from legislation but also from the fact that it is a rapidly developing field. It also brings practitioners ever new developments.

occupational health and safety service

The examination is conducted in the form of a single-choice test. A positive result of the test is equivalent to the end of the training course and the participant will receive the corresponding certificates.

Persons with a university or postgraduate degree in occupational health and safety may be employed in the company's occupational health and safety service. Employees of the service can be employed in the following positions:

  • Specialists and senior specialists
  • Inspectors and senior inspectors
  • chief safety officers

In order to perform the duties of the occupational health and safety service, you must meet the qualification requirements dedicated to the above-mentioned positions. You must also have completed periodic training in occupational health and safety for employees in the occupational health and safety service. These requirements are set out in the Decree of the Council of Ministers of 2 September 1997 concerning the occupational health and safety service.

Course objectives

The aim is to complete knowledge, skills and update them in the field:

  • legislation on health and safety at work
  • risk analyses and assessments
  • analysis of hazard risk methods
  • assistance in solving occupational health and safety problems

When to do the first periodic safety training?

When you want to take up a job in occupational health and safety immediately after graduation, it should take place within a period of up to five years after obtaining your degree.

For health and safety employees, it should take place within 12 months of starting work. This can only be omitted if the employee has a current certificate of such training.

In order to maintain continuity of certification and thus be able to work in the positions listed above, it is important to remember that we must repeat such training at least once every five years.

In order to maintain continuity of authority and to be able to work in the above-mentioned positions, it is necessary to remember to repeat periodic safety training for safety and health officers at least once every 5 years.

Persons who have completed the training course for fire safety inspectors and have been awarded the qualifications of Fire Safety Inspector should remember that their qualifications are valid for 5 years from the date of issue of the certificate confirming completion of the training course. In order to maintain your Fire Safety Inspector qualification, you must complete refresher training within the validity period of your qualification.

It is important to keep an eye on the expiry date of such authorisations. If you miss the deadline by even 1 day, it will be impossible to enrol for such an update course. Trainees are required to have a photocopy of their current certificate of completion of Fire Safety Inspector training. It is then necessary to complete the full Fire Safety Inspectors training again.