What does our offer include? 

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Our product range includes both used and new equipment. In addition to this, we have a wide range of consumables, forklift parts and additional replacement forklift accessories. As an alternative to purchasing machines, we have launched a rental service for lifts (aerial and scissor lifts) and forklift trucks. We know how important it is to avoid stagnation in the operation of facilities for the duration of machine servicing, which is why we offer both long-term and short-term rental forms. Our range of services is complemented by a full service of handling equipment. We carry out maintenance, general overhauls, regular inspections and installation of spare parts. We are equipped with a fully-equipped mobile workshop, so that we can react quickly to any emergency or fault situation throughout Poland. 

What sets us apart? 

  • comprehensive technical inspections and repairs; 
  • rapid response time to all service requests; 
  • comprehensive service; 
  • mobile workshop; 
  • UDT assistance; 
  • availability of services throughout the country; 
  • wide range of products available; 
  • specialised advisory assistance during the purchasing process; 
  • attractive financing terms; 
  • safe transport of the equipment with delivery to the buyer; 
  • ecological solutions. 

Multi-discipline application of our services 

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The forklift trucks that we supply find their way into a wide variety of industry sectors. This is due, among other things, to the functionality of the above-mentioned machines, which are characterised by their wide range of applications (they enable transport, racking and load picking, as well as increasing work efficiency). They are used both in enclosed and open spaces. We offer equipment that can easily handle heavy loads (e.g. in the construction industry). Our machines also prove useful in logistics and forwarding companies (for loading and unloading lorries). Optimally configured parameters allow the forklifts to work in agriculture, the pharmaceutical sector, the food sector and refrigerated warehouses. They also provide invaluable support in air transport and during the organisation of mass events. In today's world, it is extremely difficult to imagine the proper functioning of a large-scale shop, logistics centre or warehouse without the support of this type of vehicle.  

Sale of forklift trucks 

Forklift trucks are a key component of work on construction sites or warehouses when transporting various goods. Our company offers the sale of forklift trucks of various sizes, functions, steering types and drive types. 

List of manufacturers' supply names: 

  • Ausa; 
  • BT; 
  • Baoli; 
  • Doosan; 
  • Jungheinrich; 
  • EP Equipment; 
  • Lifter; 
  • Still; 
  • Linde; 
  • UniCarriers; 
  • Toyota. 

Forklift truck rental  

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Forklift truck rental is a service that concerns the assistance of operators and the rental of various types of forklift trucks. The offer is aimed at companies and businesses as well as individuals. The forklift truck rental service guarantees that the equipment rented by the customer is verified in terms of efficiency and safety, as it is systematically tested and subject to certain UDT standards. This service is generally for short-term rental, but long-term contracts are also available. 

Our service  

We offer both on-site and off-site repair services for forklifts, industrial tyres and other UDT equipment. Our premises are equipped with high-end diagnostic and repair equipment, while the expert technical advisors working there will easily provide you with professional support in choosing the right machine or the right tyres. 

Forklift truck service

Our forklift repair services include: 

  • repair of hydraulic components; 
  • full accessories required for forklift truck operation;
  • mobile industrial tyre service; 
  • regeneration and diagnostics of traction batteries; 
  • installation of gas systems; 
  • regeneration of suspensions and masts;  
  • replacement of individual battery cells; 
  • battery reconditioning;  
  • service and overhaul of gearboxes, engines; 
  • installation of additional equipment; 
  • installation of forks and fork extensions; 
  • installation of additional instrumentation; 
  • fitting of cheaper spare or original parts (choice agreed with customer); 
  • tyre replacement; 
  • battery and charger charge control; 
  • battery cleanliness check; 
  • checking the electrical and chemical condition of the equipment;
  • neutralisation of acid components; 
  • assistance from UDT; 
  • battery recovery; 
  • drawing up a technical report on the condition of the battery. 

Our service specialists are also happy to provide advice on the correct operation of the unit, as well as tips on the most common causes of failure and information on when to replace individual parts. 

Feel free to contact us, we are at your service! 

Questions and answers

What is your company's area of activity?

Our company provides a professional and comprehensive service for plants in the area of handling equipment. Our company provides sales and rental of UDT machines on a nationwide basis. 

Which manufacturers' equipment is on offer?

We offer equipment from manufacturers such as Ausa, BT, Baoli, Doosan, Jungheinrich, EP Equipment, Lifter, Still, Linde, UniCarriers and Toyota.