Escalators - brief characteristics

Escalators are machines that are used to transport and lift people to a certain height. They are lifting devices used in the service, industrial or construction sectors. Platforms are made up of a gondola/platform or transport basket suspended from a linkage, or lifted by a crane. They are classified as handling machines and are therefore subject to technical supervision.  

aerial work platform on site

The demand for service and repair staff continues to grow, and those who maintain mobile platforms are required to be trained and then pass a state exam and be certified.  

The ERGON Personnel Improvement Centre deals professionally with the repair and servicing of mobile platforms.  

Service and maintenance of mobile platforms

The repair and maintenance of mobile platforms, just like any other machine that is subject to technical supervision, is extremely important. Maintenance of such equipment should be very thorough and carried out by specialists with the appropriate qualifications.  

The ERGON centre has a qualified team and professional tools for repairs. 

We provide you with a comprehensive service that ranges from repairing platforms (both new and used) to consulting on the proper use of this equipment. 

We offer you: 

  • servicing of used and new platforms,  
  • correction of minor irregularities in the equipment, 
  • large and complex platform repairs, 
  • complete overhaul of machinery, 
  • painting of platforms, 
  • we prepare the equipment for technical acceptance, 
  • machine survey. 

Our range of maintenance and servicing is very wide. We also deal with the replacement of actuators, solenoid valves or hydraulic items. We are no stranger to eliminating leaks and repairing controls. 

Before we start repairing the platforms, our experts will carry out a thorough analysis of their condition and diagnostics. We will advise you professionally and, if necessary, prepare the device for UDT testing. Our service also includes high-quality spare parts and top-class service vehicles, which will reach you in almost every corner of Poland. 

two persons at the platform

We are able to carry out maintenance on the machines at the customer's premises, so without losing transport time. We strive to carry out service as quickly as possible, because we realise that every hour is important to you. In the event of a sudden breakdown, all you have to do is call us. 

In addition, we also keep your records and guarantee affordable prices. We will always help you collect the documents for registering your machine with the Technical Control Authority. 

Basic information about mobile platforms 

Escalators can be divided into several categories, depending on which guidelines we take into account. The most common classification of platforms is the categorisation according to the Office of Technical Inspection, whereby mobile platforms are divided into two groups.  

Classification of mobile platforms 
Categories according to UDT Types of platform Description 
Group - mobile lifts with controls Mobile mobile platforms (a.k.a. basket platforms): 
- slow-moving, 
- mobile, 
- self-propelled. 
The basic element is the work platform with control parts, the chassis and the support structure. 
- Freewheeling platforms are self-propelled machines. They are powered by diesel or electricity. 
- Mobile platforms are approved for road traffic as a special trailer. 
- Self-propelled platforms can be installed on vehicle chassis 
Group - platforms with masts and working platforms on the body- mast platforms, 
- hanging platforms, 
- stationary platforms. 
- Mast platforms consist of one or two masts, a working platform, a body and a drive. 
- Hanging platforms are a basket or gondola suspended from cables connected by winches.  
- Stationary platforms have a working platform and are connected to the ground. 

Several other types of platform can be mentioned, such as telescopic, articulated or scissor with platform. The use of mobile platforms at work is very useful and improves efficiency. Workers are able to get into hard-to-reach places in buildings and other inaccessible areas.  

ERGON Centre of Excellence services and repairs all types of platforms. We will give you expert advice to diagnose and repair your equipment. We are authorised by the UDT to service and maintain mobile platforms. 

ERGON cordially invites you to take advantage of the offer

If you are looking for a professional, well-executed service for your mobile platforms, come to us! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information.  


trainer with the ERGON logo in the background

We have many years of experience and our company has been providing maintenance and servicing services at a very high level for years. Our service technicians are specialists who are always there to help you and answer any questions you may have.   

The teaching methods used by our centre are state-of-the-art and allow for an effective transfer of knowledge, and the instructors are highly qualified and have many years of experience.  

We provide affordable prices and will give a discount for larger groups. Our head office is located in Warsaw. 

We encourage you to take a look at the wide range of training courses we have on offer. Among other things, we offer courses in fire safety, initial and periodic occupational health and safety, first aid training, training at heights, for crane operators and many others.  

We look forward to hearing from you!