Fire protection, what exactly is it? 


Fire regulations are rules formally enshrined in law. They prescribe actions and measures for fire safety in the workplace. Entrepreneurs should follow the Fire Protection Act of 24 August 1991 when setting the rules in their company. Detailed information can also be found in the ordinances. 

Fire protection is intended to fulfil the objective of protecting life, health, property and the environment from natural disasters, fires or other hazards. 

We can include the following activities in PPE protection: 

  • Fire prevention; 
  • Prevention of natural disasters; 
  • Providing both the forces and resources necessary to combat them; 
  • Conducting rescue operations. 

Fire training. the employee is obliged to undergo no later than 6 months after starting work. The Fire Protection Act does not stipulate the frequency of such training. In theory, it is therefore sufficient to conduct them once.  

Ways of preventing fires and natural disasters 

The Fire Protection Act assumes that the main way to prevent fires or natural disasters is to do things to prevent them from happening. These include: 

  • Compliance with the prohibitions and orders contained in the Act; 
  • Controlling compliance with fire regulations. 

Who in Poland is responsible for fire rescue operations? 

The main responsibility for fire protection rescue activities lies with the state and voluntary fire brigades. These are not the only bodies responsible for fire rescue. In addition to the fire brigade, they are in charge of: 

  • Area emergency services; 
  • Military fire protection units; 
  • Municipal, city, county fire brigades. 

Authority responsible for fire protection.  

In Poland, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration is responsible for fire protection. He or she is to provide the forces and resources mentioned above to ensure fire protection. 

Fire and safety training 

You can receive fire training at the centre ERGON. We provide our clients with training that is delivered by specialised instructors.  

Obligations of the employer 

fire protection

One of the employer's first duties is to familiarise employees with the company's fire safety rules. According to the Labour Code, the employer must provide his employees with adequate means for fire fighting and evacuation. He must also delegate the employees responsible for carrying out these activities. The best solution is for both the employer and his employees to attend a fire safety course, especially the group responsible for evacuation measures in the company in question. 

ERGON offer 

At ERGON you will do both initial and periodic, fire and health and safety training. With our courses, each of your employees will be prepared to start work. Each fire training course is conducted by experienced instructors. We provide modern facilities and an extensive curriculum. At our training courses, you will acquire knowledge in fire protection that will not only meet the legal requirements, but will also be useful in everyday life. 

The ERGON Centre organises initial fire training, which are dedicated to newly recruited employees. Their main aim is to familiarise them with the fire regulations applicable to a particular workplace. Each participant will also gain knowledge on how to behave in the event of a fire outbreak. 

We also offer periodic fire-fighting training. Their aim is to complement previously acquired knowledge and update it. 

Each fire protection training course consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. 

Courses offered by ERGON have a high quality of education. Our centre has several years of experience and the necessary knowledge, in the area of the implementation of educational projects. As a result, each fire protection training course, as well as the other courses on offer, are based on current legislation. They take place under the watchful eye of instructors who use active learning methods in their classes. 

Topics covered during training  

Course topics are individually tailored to the training needs of the client. Adapting the programme to the specific operation of a particular organisation influences the degree to which the training objectives are met. Each class consists of a theoretical and a practical part. Upon completion, course participants receive a certificate confirming training in fire protection.  

Our courses include: 

  • Information about fire hazards that may occur at our workplace; 
  • Discussion of the fire instructions of the workplace concerned; 
  • Information on where fire equipment should be located; 
  • Principles of fire and evacuation signage; 
  • Carrying out evacuation; 
  • Emergency procedures; Rules for the use of firefighting equipment; 
  • First aid. 

In which cities is ERGON located? 

fire training

You can sign up for fire protection training by telephone, we train throughout Poland We hold classes periodically according to the schedule available on our website. 

For organised groups we offer closed fire training. Employees. We can organise these not only at one of our centres, but we are also able to travel to the location agreed with the client. 

Cost of services 

The price of services depends on the number of participants in a given class. In case of large groups, we provide attractive discounts and allow for price negotiations. In order to start cooperation, please send us your enquiry via the form available on the website.