work at height - employees

Nobody is protected against falling from a height, and people working at height, due to their profession, are particularly exposed to it. Falls from a height often lead to disability, serious health problems, and even life-threatening injuries. A fall often results in serious injuries, the nature of which depends on which part of the body is injured. Therefore, at work, the employer is obliged to provide his employees with all means of protection against falling from a height. These are both collective protection measures and personal protection measures.

Personal protection measures

If the employer employs people who work at heights, he is required to provide them with all personal protective equipment, such as personal protective equipment against falls from a height. The safety system for working at height consists of the following three components:

  • Safety harness - designed to support the employee's body during a fall from a height and to safely distribute the dynamic forces in the event of a fall arrest, also the harness should enable safe waiting for help; they are mandatory in all cases where the worker may be at risk of a fall, without exception; the harness must be fitted with straps covering the shoulders, hips and chest and / or back fasteners;
  • Anchor devices - this is an element or series of elements or components that contain an anchor point or points; they can be of any shape and consist of various structural elements; they must be securely seated in the body of the load-bearing structure; in the event of a jerk, there must be a 100% guarantee that the connection between the anchor device and the supporting structure of the building will be secure; we can divide them into portable and fixed; portable ones are removed from the support at the end of work, and fixed ones are put on for a long period of time in order to perform periodic work;
  • Connecting and shock-absorbing assembly - it is a special device for working at height, the task of which is to prevent workers from falling from a height; this element connects the harness to the load-bearing structure or other securing devices; the design features of the subassembly depend on the level of risk, the type of activity and the amount of free movement required; in the simplest case, the worker is attached to a support or an anchorage device by means of a connecting and shock-absorbing subassembly.

Security measures such as barriers and covers as well as marking and securing the area are also important. It should be borne in mind that all personal protective equipment against falls from a height is subject to mandatory certification, i.e. they must have a certificate of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations.

worker during work at height

Fall protection training

Working at height is extremely dangerous and can bring many life-threatening situations. Falls from a height are one of the leading causes of serious and fatal workplace injuries. Having appropriate personal protective equipment is obligatory for such work, but it is also extremely important to have the appropriate permissions. All kinds of courses and training will be great for getting them. They provide professional and comprehensive training in working at heights and protection against falls. During these types of courses, participants learn and learn how to deal with various types of life hazards, including working at height.