smiling roller operator during workWhat is a roller?

Rollers are machines belonging to the group of special applications. Thanks to them, you can quickly, efficiently and precisely carry out both road and construction works. They are used wherever a strong pressure of the rollers on the ground is needed, generated when driving a massive roller, e.g. during soil compaction.

What types of rollers are there?

  • static - they affect the surfaces only with their own mass and for a rather shallow depth. Static rollers are primarily used for finishing work.
  • vibrations - which act on surfaces in a static and dynamic way - and it happens simultaneously. Vibrating rollers can be subjected to vibrations up to 50 Hz, and the depth of their impact on the ground can reach up to four meters.

Sometimes the rolls are also divided according to the shape and elasticity of the shafts, where the following devices are distinguished: smooth, trench and disc assembly.